SOFTGAMES launches Solitaire Farm Seasons on Facebook Instant Games

SOFTGAMES is excited to announce today’s full launch of its brand new title Solitaire Farm Seasons on Facebook Instant Games. Solitaire Farm Seasons features a sunny and casual Tri-peaks card game experience that transports its players into a world of fertile fields and prosperous gardens. Beautiful graphics and great animations paired with a deeply engaging meta-layer provide card game fans with the perfect entertainment to brighten their day.

In Solitaire Farm Seasons the classic Solitaire Tri-peaks core gameplay meets a highly satisfactory, but simplified farming simulation meta-layer. While players are traveling from level to level on a progressive map they are being rewarded with various crops to be unlocked, planted and harvested. The main objective for each level hereby is to remove all cards from the layout by selecting cards that are one rank higher or lower than the card of the discard pile. By winning multiple levels as well as taking care of their growing farms players of Solitaire Farm Seasons are able to earn additional coins, which they can invest again into special wild cards, boosters and other helpers to overcome tricky levels, progress faster and unlock secret bonuses.

Furthermore, players and their connected friends can help each other out by sending gifts or share their achievements with fun snapshots. More features, exciting daily and weekly quests as well as additional exciting opportunities for interaction are planned to be launched in the future.

Solitaire Farm Seasons marks another milestone in diversifying our portfolio, and to double-down our internal investments in order to bring the next generation of top-class Instant Games live on this platform”, says SOFTGAMES CEO Alexander Krug. “Our team of instant game experts has concepted, prototyped and build Solitaire Farm Seasons together with our player base. We are more than confident that this title will meet the expectations of existing fans and of those to be in the future.”

Try the game yourself and find all news and updates on the Solitaire Farm Seasons Facebook Page!

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